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Sights - Sivota


It is a small ancient fortification, located 9km from Igoumenitsa. It took its name from the fortified residence built in the same position during the Ottoman period. The ancient stronghold was built near the old estuary of the Kalama River at the top of a hill dominating over the Ragio – Kestrini plain. Its significant position provides supervision over the coast of the Ionian Sea and the wider area. Given the strategic importance of the hill, it was already inhabited since the prehistoric times.


The Heroic and glorious village which is located 73 km away from Igoumenitsa, is renowned for the glorious fights of its inhabitants against the Turks. Every year events are organized to represent the blasting of the monastery of Kougiou by monk Samuel.


Dymokastro or Elinokastro or Erimokastro are the most modern names of the ancient coastline position located near Perdika, on a hill that rises over Karavostasi bay. This is the position associated with ancient Elina, a city of Elinoi, a Thesprotian tribe. The city was organized in the 4th century BC, when it was fortified with imposing walls and towers at intervals, much of which is preserved today.Elina experienced significant development during the Hellenistic period.


The region is one of the most important wetlands of our country with lush birdlife and attracts many visitors who are interested in waterfowl. The starting point of the route which is recommended is situated in Sagiada and mainly to the settlement of Skaloma, which is its harbor. From this area starts a dirt road that leads straight to the Delta of the river.


It was one of the most important, political, administrative and economic centers of Thesprotia in the antiquity. The ruins of the city are located on the mountainside of Vrysella. A great landscape from many respects, surrounded by Kalamas river, which has greatly contributed to the economic autonomy of the city. It was founded in the 2nd half of the 4th century BC, although the area was already inhabited in the prehistoric times.


The area of Perdika are particularly a favored place by nature, endless olive groves, endless beaches with blue waters make it unique. Inside the park are hosted many different species of birds and fish which recieve all the care and attention they deserve by the responsibles of the Park. Also, waterfalls, small bridges, paths with wooden stairs made of boles have been constructed.


The most famous nekromanteio (oracle of the dead) of the ancient Greek world lies near the shores of the Acherousian Lake, where Acheron and Kokkytos, the rivers of Hades, meet. Ancient literary sources describe the Acherousian Lake as the place where the dead began there descent to Hades, and associated Ephyra, the city located further north, with the ancient cult of the god of death.


It is an impressive building erected in the early 1st century AD, together with other public buildings in the city. It operated mainly during the religious celebration of the Nea Aktia, in honor of Apollo. Lists of winners in the Nea Aktia contests found in the temple of Apollo inform of competing poets, sophists, comedians, heralds, trumpeters, guitarists, announcers, pipers and mimes.


The springs of the Acheron River are located in an area famous for its natural beauty.


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